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List of Popular Online Finance Courses from beginner to advanced


For any business to operate and sustain, careful utilisation of funds plays an integral role. Its financial activities are necessary to study and frequently monitor. Let’s say, a company’s monetary resources are less than the amount it spends. It should stop the outflow and focus more on cash inflow before it invests again. Such kind of timely decision-making and money management to avoid potential risks fall under the domain of finance.


Online Courses for Accountant Expert


Accounts – Definition

Accounts broadly refers to the systematic management of money. In the world of business, many different activities such as receiving, borrowing, investing, and cash flow forecasting are part of this discipline.

Accounts covers various industry-specific sectors including accounting, banking, and insurance, among others. It also opens up several career opportunities, once you specialise with certifications available for different accounts courses.

What skills do I need to excel in Accounts?

Technical Skills

  1. Financial reporting
  2. Accounting
  3. Economics
  4. Taxation
  5. Valuation
  6. GAAP knowledge
  7. Budgeting
  8. Risk Management
  9. Markets and Securitisation
  10. Spreadsheet skills
  11. Database analytics
  12. IT tools and software knowledge


  1. Microsoft Excel
  2. Tally/Marg/Easy
  3. FreshBooks
  4. Zoho Finance Plus
  5. Xero

Soft Skills

  1. Attention to details
  2. Process orientation
  3. Problem-solving
  4. Strong interpersonal skills
  5. Updated and skilled with new technology
  6. Good communication skills (written and verbal)
  7. Self-management
  8. Time management


Who can learn finance?

  1. Any fresher who has formal knowledge of accounting and economics can pick up accounts courses
  2. Any working professional in the field of banking, accounting, or other financial occupation can go for relevant accounts courses for better job designations and skill improvement.


Eligibility criteria to learn finance 

  1. A bachelor’s degree or a relevant field is considered the minimum.



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